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Piredda&Partners is a limited liability company that deals with financial, administrative, tax and accounting consultancy for companies.

Thanks to the management by professionals with many years of experience in the sector, it is an extremely serious but also dynamic company with both domestic and foreign corporate, private and institutional clients.

- Gianluca Piredda

Corporate finance

Corporate finance is that field halfway between business economics and finance that deals with the evaluation of a company's choices regarding investment, financing, hedging of operating costs and corporate policy on dividends.

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Administration, accounting and compliance

According to the OIC - Organismo Italiano di Contabilità (a registered Foundation, in response to the need perceived by the main public-sector and private-sector parties to establish a National Standard Setter that would be appropriately representative and would voice national opinions on accounting matters), the accounting policy of a company is the application of accounting rules taking into account permitted regulatory options and any accounting treatments developed by the company'.

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Our team is constantly monitoring the evolution of tax regulations in the areas of direct and indirect taxation, national and international taxation, not only for ordinary transactions, but also for extraordinary ones, and provides companies that turn to us with constant dialogue on a case-by-case basis. Due to this, they have constant support in achieving their goals.

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The firm

Piredda & Partners is a limited liability company that focuses in particular on sectors such as financial, administrative, tax and accounting consultancy for companies. Over time, it has availed itself of the best professionals in the branch, endowed with many years of experience and specific know-how, so to structure itself as one of the most serious and dynamic realities, capable of managing an absolutely heterogeneous portfolio of clients ranging from large national and international corporations to private territorial companies and large institutional entities..

Among the services it offers to all, these are: corporate finance, evaluating, managing and directing investments, financing, management cost coverage and, of course, corporate dividend policies. There is the whole macro-area comprising administration, accounting and compliance, i.e. supervising all that set of company directives subordinated to compliance with the regulations in force in connection with the fulfilment of the accounting treatments developed by the company. And there we also find the whole aspect of taxation, managed through continuous monitoring of the ongoing status of tax regulations in terms of direct and indirect tax management, national and international regulation, and logistical support to the daily and extremely specific activities of the companies handled, with the ultimate aim of achieving the required objectives.

These are all business levers that have undergone incredible development in recent years, both because the requirements of regular business have become increasingly complex and because the entrepreneurial need to find new forms of financing tailored to the products and services on offer has grown exponentially.

The professionals of Piredda&Partners offer that necessary intermediation between credit institutions and companies, supporting managers in the analysis, management and retrieval of economic resources useful to stabilise their business. Thanks to their multifaceted skills, in fact, they introduce all the necessary levers for the conception of a strategy and a financial plan capable of optimising credit access and management.

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